1+1 campaign

1+1 campaign

After paying subscription fee for the first month and connecting to the company's services at one of the suggested tariffs, new customers will be able to use that tariff for free the following month. Clients can benefit from the campaign by connecting to the services through the www.citynet.az website.

Customers may apply for connection and get the advantages of the campaign by selecting one of the three tariff packages and providing the required information on the company's website. The first tariff package includes a 40 Mbps internet connection just for 17.99 AZN. The second tariff package covers both 50 Mbps Internet and 240 TV channels for only AZN 27.99. CityNet also offers three services in one tariff package, including 100 Mbps internet, 240 TV channels and home phone service for only 37.99 AZN.

The 1+1 campaign for new CityNet customers will be active for a limited period. Company invites customers to benefit from the advantageous connection right now. Campaign is active through the areas where CityNet operates and is also available for customers who connect to its services via GPON and FTTB.

CityNet, a rapidly growing Internet service provider, offers digital television (more than 240 TV channels, including 40 HD channels), home phone service, and high-speed Internet services. Installation service is provided to subscribers within 24 hours.

New CityNet customers are also given a free Wi-Fi router and a new generation TV box for the duration of their subscription. Details regarding the connection terms, new and existing tariffs, promotions, technical assistance, and service distribution locations are available on the www.citynet.az website.