50 Mb/s internet + 240 channels only for 27.99 AZN per month

50 Mb/s internet + 240 channels only for 27.99 AZN per month

This tariff package, which includes both Internet and television services, offers users Internet at a speed of 50 Mb/s and 240 TV channels for only 27.99 AZN.



1. General conditions

1.1 This Privacy Policy applies to Users who use the technical capabilities of the Platform named "CityNet" belonging to "Uninet LLC", and is an integral part of the Agreement concluded between the User and Uninet LLC.

1.2 This Privacy Policy defines the rules for the collection, storage, processing, use and protection of the User's personal data.

1.3 During the User's registration, login or ordering of Services on the Platform, as well as in other cases of using the Platform, the User enters his personal data on the Platform and agrees to its use. Data collection can also be done by answering questions submitted to the User through the Platform.

1.4 The user makes a free and voluntary decision to place personal data and any other information about himself on the Platform, and also expresses his consent to the processing of personal data and information by "Uninet" LLC or to transfer it to third parties for processing.

1.5 Processing of personal data is any action or a set of actions such as collection, storage, use and dissemination and destruction of personal data, as well as the use of information (automated) systems.

1.6 The purposes of personal data processing are as follows:

1.6.1 Obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the performance of the Platform;

1.6.2 Increasing the types of services provided on the platform and expanding the scope of activity of "Uninet" LLC;

1.6.3 Receiving informational or advertising news from the Platform or third parties (warning about new opportunities, promotions and other news);

1.6.4 Prevention and warning of illegal or unauthorized actions of users or third parties;

1.6.5 Compliance with the requirements of the legislation in force;

1.7 The Platform collects the following information about the User:

1.7.1 When using the Platform, "Uninet" LLC collects the personal information entered by the User in the database of the Platform. Such information may be the User's name and surname, phone number, place of order, as well as address. If the User logs in through social media accounts, the Platform may also collect information posted on the profile of such social network.

1.7.2 The Platform may automatically collect technical information by software during access to it.

1.8 The Platform, as well as "Uninet" LLC, does not collect and use information about the User's race or ethnicity, political views, membership in political parties, trade unions and convictions, as well as information related to health, personal life, biometric or genetic information. .

1.9 "Uninet" LLC does not share any personal or other information submitted by Users to the Platform with unrelated third parties, except in the case of the User's permission to obtain such information, as well as after agreement with the User or in accordance with the law.

1.10 "Uninet" LLC may share information about the User with persons who cooperate with the Platform or belong to Uninet LLC in cases where the need arises.

1.11 Uninet LLC does not sell or rent the information and personal data provided by the User in the process of using the Platform.

1.12 The Platform User undertakes not to use the information provided by other users without the written permission of that user or in any other way. All information received from the User in connection with the use of the Platform may be used to perform the actions required to provide the relevant services or products.

1.13 The User using the Platform has the opportunity to partially change, delete or otherwise correct the personal and other data provided by him in the process of using the Platform at any time.

1.14 The user is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of any information and data provided by him.

1.15 Uninet LLC provides reasonable security measures to protect the User's personal data from unauthorized access by third parties.

1.16 All personal data collected and processed through the Platform is stored on one or more secure servers. Uninet LLC signs an agreement with all its employees who have access to the databases where the User's personal information is located, on the non-distribution of information about Users to third parties.

2. Cookies and similar technologies

2.1 The Platform may use "cookies" and similar technologies to store information. These files facilitate the use of the Platform, increase the quality and security of its services.